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Five years are gone since Chapelier Fou has joined Ici d’ailleurs with the release of its first EP, « Darling, Darling, Darling » (2009)… But five years are finally short, compared to the huge way travelled by the Lorraine (FR) born personnality. Four EP’s, two albums, many soundtracks for movies/documents/commercials (JR’s « Inside Out, Episode 1 », Jan Balej’s « Little From The Fish Shop », commercial for Google Web Lab, soundtrack for Lab212 for a Barbican Center digital exhibition…), concerts all over the world (Europe, Australia, Canada, China, Russia, South America…), songs in the playlists of the more demanding DJs, and getting an international fame. But time has not come to make a kind of inventory, as impressive it could be. Because now, Louis is coming back with « Deltas », his third album, whose title is a sign of his ambitions : to exalt what is living, to give a new dimension to sound, to show his uniqueness.

This album crystallize all the elements which made Chapelier Fou’s personality, from electronic music to beautiful violin melodies that gave thrills. But it also opens up the realm of possibilities, with his variety of more diversified emotions and his arrangements which are more intense than on his previous deliveries. If Chapelier Fou was once considered as a « sound handyman », now he’s becoming a certified composer with his compositions, arrangements or harmonies. This is not changing overnight but is the result of his ability to feed himself from his experiences. « Deltas » will not open up on first listenings, as the field of explorations is huge and experimentations are limitless. But immersion will be there. Here, complexity means fascination. And we have to say that the result is unique, as he is supported by its will for experimentation that can not leave the listener cold. Each track is a wonderful and fascinating paradox, where the obvious beauty of the melodies challenges unexpected uncommon structures.

And it always works, for sure. One is captured, impressed by Chapelier Fou’s capacity to integrate so many details and ideas while being so consistent. But there’s always a trace of mystery which embraces his compositions, here more present than ever. We understand less and less what’s going on in his mind, to imagine where his inspiration is coming from. Maybe it’s because his character has never been so impressive. While he’s going further in his approach as a composer, Louis is avoiding the trap of austerity, thanks to a communicative energy and an untouched pleasure to be a relayer. There are so many other things to tell about « Deltas », but words are missing now, or at least they can not give him justice yet. We will have to wait for the next album to be able to give a fair view on this one which will never cease to grow up as the years and listenings will pass, but also with the different versions that Louis will made, on stage or elsewhere. More than a record, this is an open window for his music’s possible future.


On tour...
On tour... On tour...




July 31th - Pau (FR-64) - Festival L'Été à Pau

August 08th - St Hilaire de Riez (FR-85) - La Déferlante

August 14th - Luxey (FR-40) - Festival Musicalarue

September 1st - Montreal (CA)

September 05th - Nouyn Nouranda (CA) - FME

September 06th - Nouyn Nouranda (CA) - FME

October 2nd - Massy (FR-91)

October 10th - Lille (FR-59) - La maison de la Folie Beaulieu

October 15th - Paris (FR-75) - La Cigale (MAMA)

October 29th - Vendôme (FR-41) - Festival Rockomotives

November 20th - Laval (FR-53) - 6par4

November 21th - Verdun (FR-55)

December 12th - Nogent le Rotrou (FR-28) - L'Arsenal



January 31th - Chaumont (FR-52) - Le Nouveau Relax

February 6th - Enghien-Les-Bains (FR-95) - Centre des Arts (w/ Bachar Mar Khalifé)

February 7th - Valence (FR-26) - Théâtre de la Ville

February 13th - Cholet (FR-49) - Les Z’éclectiques - Le Jardin de Verre (w/ Cabadzi)

February 27th - Bruxelles (BE) - La Rotonde

March 28th - St Ave (FR-56) - L'Echonova

April 14th - Paris (FR-75) - La Gaîté Lyrique

May 13th - Cannes (FR-06) - Festival International du Film

May 15th - Bruxelles (BE) - Festival Les Nuits Botaniques

May 30th - St Gaudens (FR-31) - Les Haras

June 05th - Bulligny (FR-54) - Festival JDM

June 21th - Izel (BE) - Fête de la Musique

July 16th - Fribourg (CH) - Festival Les Georges


October 1st - Nancy (FR-54), L'Autre Canal (w/ Billie Brelok, Thylacine) - La Tournée des Inouïs (tickets)

October 4th - Agen (FR-40), Le Florida (w/ JJ Johanson)

October 14th - Paris (FR-75), Le Café de la Danse (tickets)

October 15th - Strasbourg (FR-67), La Laiterie (tickets)

October 25th - Metz (FR-57), La BAM (Boîte à Musique) (tickets)

November 4th - London (UK), Purcell Room (tickets)

November 7th - Ris Orangis (FR-91), Le Plan

November 8th - Mons (BE), L'Alhambra

November 19th - Nîmes (FR-30), Paloma (w/ Asgeir)

November 22th - Roubaix (FR-59), La Condition Publique (w/ Suuns)

November 29th - Chalon-sur-Saone (FR-71), Auditorium du Conservatoire (w/ We Mantra Experience)

December 5th - Dijon (FR-21), La Vapeur (w/ François & The Atlas Mountain) (tickets)

December 6th - Bulle (CH), Ebullition

December 9th - Paris (FR-75) - Bataclan

December 16th - Selestat (FR-67) - EAST Evasion




January, 1st - Woodford, Woodford Folk Festival

January, 3rd - Sunshine Coast, Sol Bar

January, 04 - Adelaine, Festival Centre

January, 05 - Melbourne, Toff in Town

January, 06 - Sydney, The Vanguard

January 25 - Fontenay Sous Bois (FR-94), Espace Culturel Gérard Philippe

February 09 - Marseille (FR-13), Le Cabaret Aléatoire

March 08 - London (UK), Cargo

April 11 - Agen (FR-47), Les 20 ans du Florida

April 13 - La Roche Sur Yon (FR-85), Le Fuzz'Yon

June 08 - Belfort (FR), Piscine Pannoux

July 04 - Belfort (FR), Les Eurokéennes

August 23 - Montpellier (FR), Les Nuits d'Ö

November 13 - Istanbul (TR), Festival XXF / club Nublu




21 mars - Shangai (CN), Yuyintang 

22 mars - Pekin (CN), MAO 

28 mars - Lausanne (CH), Satellite 

04 avril - Nancy, L'Autre Canal (DJ set), Festival ICI D'AILLEURS... 

05 avril - Metz, Les Trinitaires 

06 avril - Villeurbanne, Festival Reperkusound 

07 avril - Paris, Le Nouveau Casino, Festival ICI D'AILLEURS... 

11 avril - Strasbourg, La Laiterie, Les Artefacts 

21 avril - Chelles, Les Cuizines 

25 avril - Toulouse, La Dynamo 

26 Avril - Bordeaux, IBoat 

27 avril - St Ave, L'Echonova 

04 mai - Roma (IT), Lanificio 159 

05 mai - Cantania (IT), Centro Culturale Zo 

12 mai - Laval, Festival Les 3 Eléphants (création avec This Is The Hello Monster et le Conservatoire de Laval) 

13 mai - Bruxelles (BE), Les Nuits Botaniques – Museum

29 mai - Lesquin, Salle Municipale

01 juin - Brest, La Carène, Nuit Zébrée

20 juin - Kusadasi, (TR), Institut Français

20 juin - Izmir, (TR), Institut Français

20 juin - Ankara, (TR), Institut Français

28 juin - Metz, Les Trinitaires

02 juillet - Montréal, (CA), Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

03 juillet - Montréal, (CA), Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

06 juillet - Neuve Eglise (BE), Festival Décibulles

10 juillet - Lausanne (CH), Festival de la Cité

11 juillet - Lausanne (CH), Festival de la Cité

20 juillet - Nancy, Parvis Hôtel de Ville

21 juillet - Tauxigny, Festival de la contemplation

03 aout - Châteaude Boulogne, Festival Paradox

04 aout - Dranouter (BE), Dranouter Festival

27 septembre - St Nazaire (FR-44), Le Vip

28 septembre - Angers  (FR-49), Le Chabada

02 octobre - Londres (UK), Slaughtered Lamb

03 octobre - Brighton (UK), Blind Tiger

04 octobre - Bristol (UK), Cube

05 octobre - Fribourg (CH), Le Nouveau Monde

11 octobre - Wesport Festival (IE)

13 octobre - Rennes (FR-35), Le Diapason

26 octobre - Yverdon (CH), l'Amalgame

December, 29 - Sydney, Peats Ridge Festival

December, 30 - Woodford, Woodford Folk Festival

December, 31 - Woodford, Woodford Folk Festival




2 février - Glasgow (UK), Celtic Connections

3 février - Glasgow (UK), Celtic Connections

4 février - Genève (CH), Festival Antigel

5 février - Genève (CH), Festival Antigel

11 mars - Adelaide (AUS), Womadelaide

12 mars - Adelaide (AUS), Womadelaide

14 mars - Melbourne (AUS), Revolver Upstairs

16 mars - New Plymouth (NZ), Womad NZ

18 mars - New Plymouth (NZ), Womad NZ

26 mai - Londres (UK), Jazz Café

27 mai - Londres (UK), Jazz Café

05 juin - Cheltenham (UK), Wychwood festival 

10 juin - Saint Pierre de la Réunion, Sakifo festival

16 juin - Villeurbanne, Les Invités

18 juin - Brussels (BE), Place des Palais, fête de la musique


Press quotes


''The French has decided to write the comforting original soundtrack of your life: well done'' (Les Inrockuptibles)
''This disc is fascinating, disconcerting and off the beaten track'' (Longueur d'ondes)
'' Very beautiful'' (Openmag)
''A polychrome album, where magic and mystery are present on each note'' (D-side)
''A permanent invitation to be silent and to explore with closed eyes unknown regions'' ((Magic)
''This disc is a small bomb'' (Tsugi)
''The power and the frailty'' ( Koikispass)
''A new genre but an inventive and interesting music'' (Fanzyo)
''The five senses are transported to a full of emotions world by each track and note'' (LM)
''A unbelievable cleverness, sensitivity and freshness'' (Cultzine)
''A thousand and one electro arrangements, all perfect'' (SLR)




''Extravagant and refined music'' (L'humanité)
''Chapelier fou has succeeded in creating an enchanting and colorful universe'' (Direct soir)
''This genius has so much resources under his hat'' (20 minutes)
"Louis Warynski has started his imagine machine''
''This young prodigy has given more credibility to the instrumental music'' (L'est républicain)
''The alchemy is deep, musical, melodic and never stumbles in the avant gardist'' (La voix du nord)
''An exacting and accessible music. Perhaps the characteristics of of great musician'' (Ouest France)
''613 is a lake in which the most varied musical influences met'' (Le Populaire du centre)
''This violinist uses captivating instruments and explores far-off and enchantress lands'' (Lyon plus)
''The delicately worked music is successful'' (Le Télégramme)




''Beautiful instrumental. Congratulations'' (Le Parisien)
''The show he gave on Friday in the auditorium was a trip inside his unlimited imagination'' (L'
''One of the musical phenomenon of the year'' (Music story)
''Touched by the grace'' (
''A curiously familiar music, both scheming and tinged with influences'' (
''An unique personality who charms us by his sens of the melody, on stage as well as on our decks'' ( Froggy's delight)
''His compositions exhilarate and his melodies delight'' (Les Zindés)
''A great promise for the future: will he be the Brian Eno of our time'' (SFR Music)
''He has found the way'' (M-La Music)
''An album with an enchanting and personal tone'' (Kub)
''Very poetic'' (Chronique Musicale)
''A caress for the ears and you will be wrong to deprive yourself'' (soul kitchen)
''His talent is quite obvious'' (Imusikk)
"A masterpiece'' (Vacarm)
"A meticulous work in the studio and a great performer'' (W-Fenec)
''Louis Warynski, skill violinist composes his music like a tightrope walker'' (pop news)


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