Dälek begins in 1998 with the Negro, Necro, Nekros EP release with the label Gern Blandsten Records. The duet made up of MC Dälek (vocal) and the producer Oktopus (laptop) composes a very calm and deep rap with noisy and downtempo instrumentation.

Native to Newark in the New Jersey both musicians met Mike Patton in 2002 (ex Faith No More and Mr.Bungle) who helped them to produce their second album  '' From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots    " in his label: Ipecac Recordings. Dälek and Oktopus will benefit from the collaboration of Dj Still who will be on the stage with them during the tour. This album with industrial and experimental sonorities tone is intense without being violent. The electronic or even noise instrumentations contrasts with rhythmical and simple flow.   From filthy tongue is the best purgatory that Dalek imposed on himself which results in a chaos personal representation, a will to put elements together to give him a second life” according to the webzine Obsküre.      

Their third album ''Absence'' released in Europe in 2005 were again produced by Ipecac Recordings. For this occasion Dälek shares the stage with well known musician such as Kid606 (electro USA), Isis (Post-Hardcore, USA), Jesu  (Shoegazing, United Kingdom)  and so many others. The group enjoys now its fame in Europe and concerts dates accrue because the public is definitely won over by their performances. ''Absence'' shows the limits of all pre-established ideas about musical genre and removes all stylistic hostilities. In an always dark and industrial music world metallic and contorted instrumentations often reflect committed lyrics that lead to a realization. According to the Webzine Gutsofdarkness, Absence is nothing else than the most intense and hard liner Hip Hop album never recorded.






Live Live


16/04/15 - Audincourt  (FR) @ Impetus Festival

17/04/15 - Winterthur (CH) @ Kraftfeld

19/04/15 - Geneva (CH) @ Cave 12

20/04/15 - Montpellier (FR) @ Black Sheep

21/04/15 - Lyon (FR) @ Marché Gare

22/04/15 - Fribourg (CH) @ Fri-son

23/04/15 - Metz (FR) @ Les Trinitaires

24/04/15 - Paris (FR) @ Petit Bain

25/04/15 - Lorient (FR) @ Le Manège

27/04/15 - Toulouse (FR) @ Le Metronum

28/04/15 - Bordeaux (FR) @ I-Boat

29/04/15 - Perigueux (FR) @ Le Sans Réserve

30/04/15 - Caen (FR) @ Cargö

01/05/15 - London (UK) @ Oslo Hackney - Presented by ATP

02/05/15 - Antwerpen (BE) @ Het Bos

03/05/15 - Brussels (BE) @ VK*

04/05/15 - Amiens (FR) @ La Lune des Pirates

05/05/15 - Kortrijk (BE) @ De Kreun

06/05/15 - Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenklang

07/05/15 - Copenhagen (DK) @ Loppen

08/05/15 - Aarhus (DK) @ Radar

12/05/15 - Wien (AU) @ Arena

13/05/15 - Zagreb (HR) @ Kset

17/05/15 - Marseille (FR) @ L'Embobineuse



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Press quotes


''An album of a charismatic singer, difficult to access but to have another idea about hip hop do not miss it'' (Xsilence)

''Dälek releases an extreme and intense album'' (Magicrpm)

''An almost unique strike force in their field'' (Violauditif)

''L'absence is a 57 minutes eclipse on the darkest side of hip hop'' (ABCDRDUSON)

''Dälek: a real uncommon trio on the current hip hop scene'' (Obsküre)

''Such an album is difficult to define and describe because it is out of the ordinary'' (Pinkushion)

''You should listen to Dälek'' (Dmute)

''Clearly we can say that Dälek is one of the most inventive group on the hip hop underground scene in the USA'' (Soundsmag)

''In my knowledge, Absence is nothing else than the most hard-liner and extreme hip hop album never recorded'' (Anotherbullshitblog)

''(…) An artist with a personal style and who does not look like any other'' (Mowno)




''An album that falls in a sheer drop for those who are unhappy about the current musical stagnation'' (Mowno)

''The trio has succeeded in putting forward a music rather intense than extreme and making it accessible to all curious ears. Great success'' (Magicrpm)

''The Dalek have a fully musical style, a really new approach of sound''(Xsilence)

''From filthy tongue is perhaps the best of purgatories, this one chosen by Dalek'' (Obskure)

''The whole album is so original that it requires many listenings to be completely explored'' (Soundsmag)

''The Dälek are doing things differently in the hip hop world and that is a good thing'' (Almostcool)

''This album an incredible musical piece as a whole … but it does require an acquired taste because it does not sound like most others hip hop'' (Sputnickmusic)