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Winter Family


Winter Family is a duo from Jerusalem and Paris. Ruth Rosenthal & Xavier Klaine met in Jaffa on 2004 and live and work together since. Xavier develops layers of folk drones with his philicorda, harmoniums, a piano, while Ruth Rosenthal chants her poems and plays the drums into a mystic universe filled with political sadness and dark romanticism. Together they might depress you seriously. They have been recording and playing live in clubs, theaters & churches around Europe and Israel. and worked with many choreographers, filmmakers, photographers and visual artists.

Their debut album was out on 2007 at Subrosa was followed by a LP version  on 2008 at Marienbad. And was well received by critics.

Winter Family currently resides in Crown Heights, the Haitian neighborhood of Brooklyn. They record their third salsa album and complete the english version of 'Jerusalem Cast Lead’ a documentary theater performance (the french version was performed for the first time at 104 in paris on june 2011 and won the Jury Prize of Impatience Festival).                      

'Red Sugar' was released in June 2011 on a double LP version at Altvinyl (Newcastle). The CD version is available worldwilde on Sub Rosa (Bruxelles) and on Ici d’Ailleurs in France.

Red Sugar is our second album.
Four years have passed since the first.
Red Sugar is the apocalyptic report of four years of a group, a couple, a family, friendships and farewells.
This album combines the two worlds that we have lived through during this time. The world around, saturated, incarnated by Jerusalem, the city that is sick by his men. And the other world,  a family, the birth of a daughter and isolation in a farm where donkeys proudly vantilate the valley.

Some friends joined us here and there: Norsola Johnson (Gospeed You Black Emperor!) Cello, Olive Robert (Women & Children) cymbals, Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu) organ, Pepe Perola (Olivier de St Max) to the snaredrum, Sylvain Favre (Chkrr) Violin Fabien Lehalle on the bass and beyond.          

'Red Sugar', 12 tracks, 69 minutes of blood and joy, was recorded and mixed at TCI of Paris, at Jean Rochereau’s farm (les Ruelles) in the Streets in Jerusalem (field recordings) at St Martin de Maxéville at Omaha Beach and elsewhere between 2007 and 2010. It was mastered by Patrick Klem Chandler, Arizona. The artwork is by Franz Vesolt.


Live !
Live ! Live !

Past shows

2011 :

Le 1er Novembre 2011 au Point Ephémère / PARIS

Le 28 Novembre 2011 : Performance théâtrale "Jerusalem Plomb Durci", Festival Ring @ La Manufacture (salle Ravel du CNR) Centre Dramatique National / NANCY

Les 6 et 10 Décembre 2011 : Performance théâtrale "Jerusalem Plomb Durci", Les Halles de Schaerbeek @ BRUXELLES / BELGIQUE

Le 13 Décembre 2011 : Concert, L'Atelier Claus @ Bruxelles / BELGIQUE

Le 28 Janvier 2011 : Concert, Festival MOFO / PARIS

2012 :

Les 30 & 31 Janvier et le 1er Février 2012 : Performance théâtrale "Jerusalem Plomb Durci", à L'Espal, scène nationale / LE MANS

09/02 : Concert - Bayonne - Le Musée Basque / FRANCE

10/02 : Concert - Bordeaux - I-Boat / FRANCE

11/02 : Concert - Tulle - le Molière / FRANCE

12/02 : Concert - Miramont de guyenne - Eglise / FRANCE

21/03 : Theater Performance, ''Jerusalem Plomb Durci"/ UOVO Performing Art Festival, Milano / ITALIE

24 & 25/03 : Theater Performance, ''Jerusalem Plomb Durci"/ Festival Montpellier / FRANCE

28/03 : Theater Performance, ''Jerusalem Plomb Durci"/ Festival Marseille / FRANCE

01/04 : Concert - Lyon - Le Sonic / FRANCE

03/04 : Concert - Paris - LE 104 / FRANCE

06/04 : Concert - Nantes - Stéréolux / Festival Ici d'ailleurs / FRANCE

19/05 : Concert - Nancy - TOTEM / FRANCE

23th May: Concert, Humanist Records festival, Dijon

25th to 27th May: 'Jérusalem Plomb Durci', Dijon en Mai Festival, Sc. Nationale, Dijon

1st, 2nd June : 'Jérusalem Plomb Durci', Festival Perspectives, Saarebrucken

3rd June : Concert, Kunsthalle, Basel

15th, 16th July : 'Jérusalem Plomb Durci', Festival d'Avignon

20th to 27th July : Live/sound creation, 'The Seagal', Chekhov by A. Nauzitiel, Cour d'Honneur, Festival d'Avignon

23th July : Concert, Temple St Martial, Festival Musique Sacrée / Festival d'Avignon

10th to 14th October : 'Jérusalem Plomb Durci', 104/Cenquatre, Paris


February, 04, 05 & 06 - " Jérusalem Plomb Durci", Sang Neuf Festival, Théâtre Les Ateliers, Lyon (FR)

February, 08, 15 & 22 - 'Les Médusés', Nocturnes of Damien Jallet, Le Louvre, Paris (FR)

February, 27 - Live, Plug&Play Festival, Marché Couvert, Lyon (FR)

March, 16 - Live, Festival Alambic, Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes (FR)

March, 17 - Live, Le Virage, Brest (FR)

March, 21 - "Jérusalemn Plomb Durci", Focus Théâtre Festival, Maubeuge (FR)

March, 22 - Live, Lille (FR)

March, 26 & 27 - "Jérusalem Plomb Durci", Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (FR)

March, 29 - Live, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (FR)

March, 30 - Live, Le Point Ephémère, Paris (FR)

May, 03 - "Jérusalem Plomb Durci", Scènes du Jura, Lons-le-Saulnier (FR)

May, 07 & 08 - "Jérusalem Plomb Durci", L'Usine, Geneva (CH)

June, 21 - Concert, Schengdu, China

June, 22 - Live music for Image by Arthur Nauzyciel, Schengdu, China
June, 23 - Concert, Kunming, China

June, 25 - Live music for Image by Arthur Nauzyciel, Kunming, China

June, 29 - Concert, Association Adition Party, Point Ephemere, Paris, France

October, 18 - Pau (FR), Festival Le Grain de la Voix

October, 20 - Marseille (FR), Data

October, 22 - Rouen (FR), Le Trianon Transatlantique



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Press quotes





''These songs are singular meditations in sound and text: rich, contemplative, and thrillingly abstract''(Forcedexplosure)
''The relevance of the writing allures'' (Indiepoprock)
''Unlike a great many spoken word albums, this body of work has an undeniable emotive resonance (…) Highly recommended'' (Bookmkat)

''Winter family stays an excellent discovery that we were happy to see over and over again'' (Etherreal)
''Winter Family plays music as few people dare or even think of playing: humbly but absolute'' (Alfib)
''Each songs seem written in a different templates (…) a disc full of beautiful music'' (Tinymixtapes)
''The remarkable thing about this album is the diversity in sound in which they explore their collaboration '' (Moteldemoka)
''A dark and introspective experience not to be missed'' (Gaite-lyrique)
''(…) Spectacular duet on stage'' (Concertrandco)
''(…) A writing and an emotion that will not leave you cold'' (Krinein)
''A magic writing that totally bewitches us'' (Indiepoprock)
''In English and in Hebrew, Ruth's texts appear as a divine incantation(...) this staging is a performance, a non religious ritual'' (Arte)
''After having listened to it, we become follower of Winter family'' (Liberation)
''(…) With the participation of the silence in long solos,the duet becomes trio'' (Inrockuptibles)
''The result is outstanding(...) just listen to their double CD, they will accompany you for a long time'' (Nouvel Obs)



''A rare and unique audio worldview expressed by the singular approach of Ruth Rosenthal (voice) and Xavier Klaine (harmonium, organ, etc.)'' (Forcedexplosure)
''Crank your speakers, sit back and open your mind , Red sugar will blow you away''(Subrosa)
''Once heard never forgotten. Essential'' (Altvinyl)
''It makes you feel like you’re sleeping almost though you know you’re awake. Nice'' (Normanrecords)

Photo credit : JB Toussaint