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An original artist in more ways than one, Mein Sohn William, aka Dorian Taburet, has long engaged in the one-man-band distillation of his weird-ass pop songs dipped in the rich tinctures of Eighties’ surrealism.  In doing so, he’s performed the job of at least two well-trained musicians. Today, Mein Sohn William is becoming a duet … that manages to sound at least like a quartet.  Antoine Bellanger (Belone Quartet, Gratuit), who’d already deployed his magic as an arranger on the first mini-album (released in 2012 under the Ici D’ailleurs label), has become a full-fledged member of a band whose music - a hybrid and original force - escapes any easy attempt at facile genre definition.

So, a first record then, which Dorian has defended with the generosity and good humour he’s been known for, all by his lonesome at first, now with Antoine come to lend him a deft hand, for a whole bunch of gigs. Few are those who have escaped unscathed for those experiences, be they members of the audience or the other bands sharing the stage with them (Breton, Cheveu, GaBLé, Johnatan Richman and Papier Tigre were amongst those). This has been a time during which the band has expanded its universe and grown its repertoire considerably, towards compositions and live performances which outdid the album’s schizophrenic groove, so much so that it was selected as part of the Découverte section of the Printemps de Bourges 2013, then nominated for a gong at Fair 2014.

The solo act turned duet has finally found a window of time to put down its suitcases. Delivering musical gut-punches on stage is one thing; writing an album is quite another... and one in which the lads both excel. Their creative osmosis, already self-evident on stage, is as potent in their work of composing songs, for a result at least as memorable as their eponymous first effort.  This time however, the output is a full fifteen numbers, and the critical mass enables Mein Sohn William to introduce finer grain to its music. Try “Follow Your Lead” and “He Tries So Hard” for the pop emphasis, or “Rebecca”, for more refined writing, along with other numbers where structure is more apparent than in the past, without the band relinquishing the crazy edginess that have made them one of the most intimidating live acts around. A little less lo-fi in concept, Every Day, In Every Way is above all a scintillating collection of songs that showcases the band’s superior touch in combining the melodic domain (”Leather”, “Famille”) with outlandish experimental sorties (”Always At The Same Time”, “Avoid”), saturated sounds, outright delirium, but also, here and there, more sombre touches. And all this in just one album. With this new offering, Mein Sohn William confirms that unbridled artistic freedom is a limitless engine of creation. Better still, it proves to the most jaded out there that it is still possible to be original and unpredictable in times when it’s all too easy to assume we’ve heard it all...

Eager for new experiences, Mein Sohn William will also welcome a third good fella on occasional basis, Jérémie (already there in the initial demos), who will add his special touch on some shows and will be a perfect substitute when Antoine will have to enjoy his new parenthood.


On tour...
On tour... On tour...


TO COME... :


07/08 - Paris @ Point Ephemer
10/10 - Lille @ Maison de la Folie Beaulieu



25.Sep.2011 / Le Point Ephémère @ Paris

08.Oct.2011 / 5 ans de Chaou Baou @ Noyant 

22.Oct.2011 / Festival Ô les Choeurs "barathon" @ Tulle 

29.Oct.2011 / Festival Les Rockomotives @ Vendômes 

11.Nov.2011 / Théâtre de Poche @ Hédé 

22.Nov.2011 / Les Champs Libres @ Rennes  

24.Nov.2011 / Le Cargo @ Caen

25.Nov.2011 / Le VIP @ St Nazaire 

03.Dec.2011 / L'Ubu – Les transmusicales @ Rennes


19-Jan-2012 GRENOBLE  La Bobine 

20-Jan-2012 LYON  Kraspek / Festival Plug and Play

21-Jan-2012 RENNES  Release party / Jardin Moderne

27-Jan-2012 METZ Trinitaires / Mo'Fo

28-Jan-2012 SAINT OUEN  Mo'Fo

10-Fev-2012 MONTPELLIER  VIctoire2 / 100%

11-Fev-2012 BAYONNE  TBA

04-Avril-2012 NANCY  Festival Ici d'Ailleurs 

26-Avril-2012 Printemps de Bourges, scène SFR

17.Mai.12 en Lozère au Festival d'olt

18.Mai.2012 à Clermont Ferrand à l'atelier Jaune 

20.Mai.12 à Turin 

21.Mai.12 à Genève pour le Gwenstival 

31 mai.12 - Ecole d'architecture à Rennes

2 juin.12 - Rouen - Centre ville

9 juin 2012 - Le Vallon du Villaret (Lozere) 

29 juin 2012 - St Cadou (Bretagne)

september, 21 2012 - Passage d'agen - Salle Rosette

october, 05 2012 - Boulogne sur Mer - Poulpaphone

october, 11 2012 - Amiens - La lune des pirates

october, 12 2012 - Lyon -  Kraspek

october, 13 2012 - Besançon - La Rodia

october, 14 2012 - Besançon - concert en appartement

october, 26 2012 - Dijon - La Vapeur (Novosonic)

November, 07 2012 - Paris - Point Ephémère (Mind Your Heads)


January, 26 2013 - Ajaccio - Aghja

April 11th 2013 @ Biblio.Graphik, ANGERS
April 12th 2013 @ Qualité Féroce, TROYES
April 24th 2013 @ Printemps de Bourges, BOURGES
April 26th 2013 @ ATRDR fest, PAU 
April 27th 2013 @ Les Hauts Parleurs, VILLEFRANCHE ROUERGE
April 30th 2013 @ TBA / LIMOGES
May 01st 2013 @ Raymond Bar, CLERMONT-FERRAND
May 02nd 2013 @ TBA / ORLEANS
May 03rd 2013 @ L'Orgre Rouge / SAINTES 
May 04th 2013 @ Stakhanov / NANTES

June, 15 @ Enghien (95), Jardin des roses

June, 28 @ Tours (37), Festival Potager Electronique

July, 06 @ Rennes (35), Les Tombés de la Nuit

July, 14 @ Rennes, Les Tombés de la Nuit

July, 21 @ Rennes, Les Tombés de la Nuit

September, 07 @ St Brice En Cogles, Festival En Résonance

September, 27 @ Rennes, Le Marché Noir au Jardin Moderne

October, 05 @ Montpellier


January 24th, 25th & 26th @ Saint Ouen, Festival Mo'Fo

February 15th @ Dunkerque, 4 Ecluses

March 1st @ Puymirol, Kesako

March 13th @ Nantes, Pôle Etudiant, w/ White Wine (31 Knots) + Will Guthrie / David Marahna

April 1st  @ Paris, Chrorus des Hautes de Seine, Parvis de la défense

April 19th @ Mons (BE), Alhambra (opening for Poni Hoax)

April 25th @ Lorient, Les Studios

May 3th @ Nancy, Le Totem

May 14th @ Paris, La Flèche d'Or

May 16th @ Orleans, L'Astrolabe

June 5th @ Cholet, Le Bar'Ouf

June 6th @ Toulouse, Connexion Café (opening for Cheuveu)

June 7th @ Saintes, L'Orgre Rouge

June 12th @ Dijon, Péniche Cancale

June 16th @ Angers, T'es Rock Coco

June 20th @ Wuhan (CN)

June 21th @ Bejin (CN), MAO Livehouse

August 23th @ Carelles, Festival Terra Incognita

October 2nd @ Rennes, Tam Tam (I'm From Rennes Fest)

October 15th @ Paris, Petit Bain ('Radio Campus' Night, w/ Funken & We Have Band)

October 16th @ Bayonne (w/ Ultrazouk)

October 17th @ Bordeaux, Bootleg

October 18th @ Nîmes, Paloma (w/ Future Island)

October 18th @ Agen, Concert en appart


08/05 - Vénérand @ L'Ogre Rouge (près de Saintes)
09/05 - Rennes @ Le Marquis de Sade
13/05 - Paris @ La mécanique Ondulatoire
14/05 - Lille @ La Péniche
15/05 - Bruxelles (BE) @ Au Quai
17/05 - Landan (DE) @ Fatal
18/05 - Bielefeld (DE) @ Copy § Paste
19/05 - Bremen (DE) @ Secret Attic
20/05 - Leipzig (DE) @ Euythrosin
21/05 - Berlin (DE) @ Bergheim Kantine
22/05 - Dresden (DE) @ Hole of fame
23/05 - Netzschkau (DE) @ Borwaerk
24/05 - Bamberg (DE) @ Kontakt Festival
26/05 - Strasbourg @ En appartement
27/05 - Nancy @ Le royal royal
28/05 - Lyon @ Café du Rhone
29/05 - Clermont Ferrand @ Raymond Bar



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