Ici d’ailleurs is proud to present the third instalment of the Mind Travels collection with a radical new studio album from Manyfingers The Spectacular Nowhere. 

Bristol born Chris Cole, has been with the label since 2005, having contributed on several albums notably with Matt Elliott as well as The Dark, by Third Eye Foundation, and as a member of the all-star band, Numbers Not Names, whose first opus What’s The Price ? was one of 2012’s most striking hip-hop records.

Back after a ten year hiatus, with this third album under the moniker Manyfingers, The Spectacular Nowhere is clearly the product of several years hard work - the result, an innovative and diverse album unconfined by genre.

The depth and scope of the album reveals an eclectic style - incorporating neo classical composition, experimental, avant-garde, moments of pop dynamism and filmic score. There are nods to Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Moondog, where “Ode to Louis Hardin” becomes a love letter to the late, great 6th Avenue Viking, and more pop based references echoing Hood and Portishead.

The Spectacular Nowhere invites the listener into a world of aural intrigues - some bittersweet, some melancholic and others full of joy and wonder.  The album may aim to be dark and disconsolate at times but also offers more luminous, less anxiety-inducing moments as if to provide an antidote for the traumas it depicts.

Notably, the album features contributions from the legendary David Callahan - he of Moonshake and The Wolfhounds fame, and long time hero of Cole.  Callahan doesn’t just lend his vocal style and lyrics, but gives the listener modernist urban fables, touched by cynicism, lending the album a black humour making this a quintessentially British sound.

Eclectic and uncompromising, The Spectacular Nowhere is a deeply rewarding album in which Cole confirms his status as a composer.




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On tour On tour

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14/04/15 @ Paris (75), La Gaîté Lyrique (w/ Chapelier Fou)



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