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Spatsz (electronics) was born in 1957 in Nancy (France). While he was a psychiatric nurse, he decided to leave his job in 1978 to join Mona Soyoc (guitar, piano, vocal), an Argentine-born American in 1959 in Stamford (Connecticut). Mona played for two years in a jazz band before starting KaS Product in 1980. Then, they worked on their first EP, Mind Seven, recorded at a friend’s place on a double-sided tape recorder. The record was released in April 1980 on Punk Records, a local record label. Initial pressing based on 1000 disc copies were sold in just few weeks.


In may 1980, KaS Product did their first appearance at a festival in Nancy called « Musiques Nouvelles ». A couple of weeks later, KaS Product pursued successfully with Maniak Publik (both music and film project for the World Festival of Theatre in Nancy). During the summer, they recorded three new tracks following the same conditions as the first EP : « Take Me Tonight »; « In need », and « Malena », that have been released in September 1980 on the album Play Loud. This second 7'' was much more attractive and covered by both the press and radio.


In March 1981, Marquis de Sade (French rock band from Rennes) called KaS Product to go on a French Tour, including Paris (Le Palace), Dijon, Lyon, Annecy, Marseille, Strasbourg, Metz and Rennes where KaS Product did an other outstanding performance upon a loft inauguration (saxophonist Philippe Herpin joined them on stage). From May to July 1981, they finalized eleven new tracks for their first album, Try Out, recorded and produced in August at the Sunrise Studio in Switzerland. In February 1981, KaS Product recorded ten new tracks in New York at the Sorcerer Sound Studio (Sonic Youth, Swans) for the second album, By Pass, released a bit later in April.


A third album has seen the light of day, Ego Eye, released in 1987. Finally, the band broke up one year after in 1988. Since the split-up, KaS Product occasionally arranged to meet each other, most of the time for a concert (as the festival « Eurockéennes » in Belfort in 2005 or more recently for the festival « Souterrain Porte VI » in 2011). Often seen as the Electro-clash forerunners, the group had a huge influence on the current synth-pop stage which comes round again for a few years.


KaS Product re-thought the limits conventionally agreed about rock in France. A crossover research that mix punk urgency, new-wave sounds and an imposed minimalism in order to take advantage of a duo configuration while being on a DIY direction. A strong way of expression that deteriorates melody or musicality-at-all-costs. Basically, KaS Product has proven that they didn’t require these factors to write lovely and unifier tracks, as it’s shown with the essential single « Never Come Back ». As a matter of fact, titles from their albums make sense : refuse the evidence. Singing in English whereas France only accept native-language. Playing rock with computers while the triptych guitar/bass/drums was the trendy standard. Although KaS Product was driven by the motivation itself of marginalisation and opposition, the band has met a real esteem success, an unexpected but logical recognition that shown a daring and risky way of thinking as the essential condition for the musical evolution.


Because KaS Product had a huge importance among the French musical landscape overtime, Ici d’ailleurs called the band to reissue their two first albums on a new sub-division called More Over. Original track list will be graced with tracks from different EP (nowhere to be found today), split up on the two albums. Although Try Out and By Pass have been reissued several times these last 30 years in CD version, that’s not the case regarding vinyl edition that remains today collection recordings. Then, after three decades of waiting, More Over will offer for the first time these albums in a double-LP version, and also in limited boxes.


Live Live

To come :

27/03/2015 - PARIS (75) - Petit Bain (+ Lydia Lunch)

09/05/2015 - LAUSANNE (CH) - Les Docks

21/05/2015 - LE MANS (72) - Le Forum

24/05/2015 - LEIPZIG (ALL) - Pogo Festival

06/06/2015 - CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES (08) - Festival Rock n Girls


Past gigs

2012 :

October, 31 @ Pize (IT) - Wardance Festival

November, 03 @ Berlin (DE) - Dropdead FEstival

November, 07 @ Bordeaux (FR) - I-Boat

November, 09 @ Bruxelles (BE) - Fantastique Night, Magasin 4

November, 10 @ Bologne (IT) - Moonlight Festival (TBC)

November, 13 @ Lille (FR) - L'Aéronef

November, 14 @ Paris (FR) - La Machine du Moulin Rouge

November, 23 @ Marseille (FR) - Poste à Galène

November, 24 @ Annecy (FR) - Brise Glace

November, 28 @ Nantes (FR) - Stereolux

November, 30 @ Lyon (FR) - Transbordeur

2013 :

February 02 @ Saint-Etienne (FR) - Le Fil

February 21 @ Saint Jean de Vedas (FR) - Salle Victoire 2, Festival Montpellier à 100%

February 22 @ Nice (FR) - La Station

February 23 @ Chateauneuf de Gadagne - Akwaba

March 23 @ Genève (CH) - Festival Electron

April 05 @ Laval (FR) - 6 par 4

April 06 @ Brest (FR) - Cabaret Vauban

April 12 @ Bourgoin-Jailleux (FR) - Les Abattoirs, Festival Electrochoc

July, 20 @ Miramont de Guyenne (FR) - Fest. Abracada'sons

September, 21 @ Paris (FR) - La Maroquinerie

October, 16 @ Nancy (FR) -  L'Autre Canal, Festival Nancy Jazz Pulsations

October, 18 @ Valence (FR) - Le Mistal Palace

October, 19 @ Mulhouse (FR) - Le Noumatrouff

October, 25 @ Bourges (FR) - Emmetrop

2014 :

February 06th @ Lorient (FR) - Le Manège

February 07th @ Rennes (FR) - L'Ubu

February 12th @ Marseille (FR) - Poste à Galène

February 14th @ Toulouse (FR) - Le Metronum

May 27th @ Le Mans (FR) - L'Oasis



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