GaBLé are back and the great big joyful mess which accompanies the group will leave no-one indifferent. Even before the record's release, there's the mind-blowing cover, a painting by Angela Dalinger which is just as unlikely as the mullet and moustache combo sported by its Italian beer and whisky drinking bear fur rug lover, sexy as hell and twice as disturbing.

This is a full-on first contact, a total break with the context and almost fascinating. A perfect summary in fact of this absolutely whacked-out new analog pop opus full of the live energy which characterizes the trio onstage.


JoLLy TrouBLe is more or less a translation of the French phrase "un beau bordel" and moves on further from the collage, DIY or chaotic rock style GaBLé have been known for in recent years. Three years after MuRDeD, Gaëlle, Mathieu and Thomas are back with music which is superbly thought-out, composed, produced and interpreted. These songs have a strong identity which makes them recognizable at first listen but their prime quality is to systematically throw listeners off balance. It's inventive and personal music which only groups of Gablé's calibre can produce. GaBLé also have the advantage of knowing how to put themselves in danger and also of knowing the best people to work with as around a dozen friends - musicians, backing singers, technicians - were invited to exchange, suggest and talk out ideas for the record. JoLLy TRouBLe is the type of work which is full of humility while remaining both complex and ambitious.


Rock, folk, song, jazz and of course electronic glitch or analog, even experimental music, JoLLy TRouBLe is all of these at once... Of course, let's not forget the term "alien" when talking about GaBLé's way of composing and interpreting these highly varied but coherent songs. There are thirteen songs whose subtle arrangements (clarinet, saxophone, flute, marimba, trumpet, machines and synthesizers plus all sorts of backing vocals) nonetheless highlight the combo's immediately attractive side and vocal talents.

Here GaBLé are equally at home with sunny, benevolent pop ("On Purpose" and the first single "Tropicool") as with bursts of noise ("How Long"), psychedelic slow burns ("Porti"), punk riffing ("Marvoof") or faux ballads which are crazed but still really touching ("Youngsters", "Thinging"). They really are back on top form for spring 2016.


Yes, JoLLy TRouBLe really is a truly beautiful mess, a truly beautiful record by a truly beautiful group enhanced by a truly beautiful gang of friends. The type of record you don't hear every day.


On Tour
On Tour On Tour

30/04 - Tours @ Le Temps Machine
01/05 - La Havre @ Théâtre des Bains Douches
03/05 - Lyon @ Le Sonic
04/05 - Chabeuil @ Festival rencontre entre les mondes
05/05 - Montpellier @ Black Sheep
06/05 - Cannes @ MJC Picaud
08/05 - Marseille @ L'embobineuse
12/05 - Rennes @ Antipode
13/05 - Lille @ L'Antre 2
14/05 - Nantes @ Festival Wine Nat White Heat
25/05 - Bern @ Bee Flat
26/05 - Nyon (CH) @ L'Usine à gaz
28/05 - Schaffhausen (CH) @ Mosergarten
01/06 - Caen @ Centre Chorégraphique
03/06 - Lourmarin@ Yeah Festival
11/06 - Nancy @ Festival Stereolithe
16/06 - Paris@ Maroquinerie
18/06 - Regneville @ Fauché dans la noirceur
22/06 - Bruxelles (BE) @ Atelier 210
25/06 - Mayenne @ Festival Un singe en été.
02/07 - Moscou (RU) @ Loft Flacon
03/07 - Saint-Pertersbourg (RU) @ Stéréoléto
07/07 - Rennes @ Ubu

Past gigs :

2013 :

21 mars - Dijon (FR-21), La Vapeur
22 mars - Laval (FR-53), Le 6 par 4
23 mars - Poitiers (FR-86), Le Confort Moderne
24 mars - Blois (FR-41), Chato'Do
27 mars - Rennes (FR-35), L'Ubu
29 mars - Nancy (FR-54), L'Autre Canal
30 mars - Montbéliard (FR-25), Le Moloco
02 avril - Onet Le Chateau (FR-12), Mjc
03 avril - Nimes (FR-30), Paloma
04 avril - Toulouse (FR-31), La Dynamo
05 avril - Marmande (FR-47), Le Buffet de la Gare
06 avril - Pau (FR-64), La Centrifugeuse
09 avril - Bordeaux (FR-33), Le Bootleg
10 avril - Nantes (FR-44), Le Stakhanov
11 avril - Rouen (FR-76), Le 106
12 avril - Lorient (FR-29), Le Manège
13 avril - Brest (FR-29), La Carène
18 avril - Paris (FR), Le Café de la Danse
19 avril - Lyon (FR-69), Grnd Zero
20 avril - Hyères (FR-83), Festival Faveurs de Printemps
30 avril - Arlon (BE), Festival Les Aralunaires
22 mai - Tours (FR-37), Le Temps Machine
25 mai - Lille (FR-59), Fivestival
06 juillet - Herouville Saint Clair (FR-14), Festival Beauregard
11 juillet - Bourg En Bresse, Square des Quinconces
19 juillet - Daumazan, Festival Terre de Couleurs
1er aout - Bordeaux, Festival Relache
02 aout - Ax Les Thermes, Festival Spectacles de Grands Chemins
31 aout - Le Mans, Teriaki Festival
21 septembre - Le Havre, Tétris
05 octobre - Bruxelles (BE), Festival Comme à la Maison
25 octobre - Marseille, Le Moulin
02 novembre - Vendôme, Festival Rockomotives
07 novembre - Saint Nazaire, Le VIP
09 novembre - Saint Lo, Festival Les Rendez-Vous Soniques
14 novembre - Enshede (NL), Crossing Border Festival
16 novembre - Beauvais, L'Ouvre Boite
17 novembre - Roubaix, La Cave aux Poètes
22 novembre - Montpellier, Rockstore
23 novembre - Bayonne
December 20th 2013  - Saint- Etienne (FR), Le Fil

2014 :

February 14th 2014 - Paris (FR), Petit Bain
February 15th 2014 - Dunkerque (FR), 4 Ecluses
February 19th 2014 - Rees-Haldern (DE), Haldern Pop Bar
February 20th 2014 - Hannover (DE), Feinkost Lampe
February 21st 2014 - Namur (BE), Le Belvédère
February 22th 2014 - Gerardmer (FR), Festival Gerardm'Electric
March 14th 2014 - Paris (FR), Le Louvre "Duos Éphémères"
June 6th 2014 - Saint Laurent de Cuves (FR), Festival Papillons de Nuit
June 14th 2014 - Thore la Rochette (FR), Festival Gare à la Rochette
June 15th 2014 - Orleans (FR), Festival Hey Gamins
June 21th 2014 - Arlon (BE), Le Palais
June 28th 2014 - Lärz (DE), Fusion Festival
July 11th 2014 - Causse de la Selle (FR), La Grange
July 12th 2014 - Concots (FR), Festival Retiens la Nuit



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