GaBLé is like a cock and bull story or a fairy tale that only happens to others, a B-movie that would have slept with a Z-movie to end up as an Oscar winner. For 10 years now, this incredible trio has become established worldwide through their pop music. In 2007 after 3 CD-R albums, GaBLé found itself releasing "7 Guitars With A Cloud Of Milk" it's first album on the mysterious Bristish label LOAF Recordings. Quickly discovered by a trained ear, the group was rewarded with the CQFD Inrockuptibles prize in 2008 and was invited to play many European venues. In 2011, GaBLé released "CuTe HoRSe CuT", just after their EP "I'm OK", their answer to Daniel Johnston's "Hi, how are you ?". They then went on an intensive 10 month tour all over France (Trans Musicales, Eurockéennes, Rockomotives, 3 Eléphants, Festival de Marne, Art Rock...) and throughout the world (The Big Chill and The Great Escape in the UK, Les Nuits Botaniques in Brussels, The Danish Spot festival, FME in Quebec, Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik...). At the beginning of 2012, GaBLé finally settled down for a few months, taking time to compose a new album while they still gave a few concerts here and there.

It all started with a huge move, a new house, a new way of doing things, a new records label. Retreating into the countryside, the trio took the time to listenn discuss, and swap views after the last month of touring. After which, and with feedback between mates from dawn 'til dusk and well beyond, the band brought even more instruments on this album. One after another, a trombonist and guitarist buddies all dropped in. The mixing then lasted a couple of weeks before they finally completed this third album : "MuRDeD", 13 free uninhibited songs all GaBLé-made : hip hop, pop, noise and folk. This new release illustrates more than ever before that they are not just musicians, GaBLé are above all sound craftsmen. "MuRDeD" has been meticulously put together down to the last detail with unexpected new tones which upsets musical traditions. An intricate moulding of textures, rhythms and atmospheres, such is GaBLé's talent, here at it's height.

In its unique way, the group redefines the contours of so-called "experimental" music, making it welcoming, warm and uniting. The GaBLé touch appeals to all, not only the most trained ears. What often seems to start as a simple folk ballad turns into a concentrated mixture of inventiveness on every level of structure, melody  and vocals. While remaining inexplicably catchy, GaBLé make every track a fascinating world to be discovered as listening proceeds. Despite being obvious, we're quickly forced to conclude that it still never ceases to be unpredictable. What will the album's impact be on stage ? This is what you'll find out in 2013 when Mathieu, Gaëlle and Thomas go back on tour, taking "MuRDeD" in their suitcase.


On Tour
On Tour On Tour

To come :

October 17th - La Glacerie (FR-50), Théâtre des Mirroirs

Past gigs :

2013 :

21 mars - Dijon (FR-21), La Vapeur
22 mars - Laval (FR-53), Le 6 par 4
23 mars - Poitiers (FR-86), Le Confort Moderne
24 mars - Blois (FR-41), Chato'Do
27 mars - Rennes (FR-35), L'Ubu
29 mars - Nancy (FR-54), L'Autre Canal
30 mars - Montbéliard (FR-25), Le Moloco
02 avril - Onet Le Chateau (FR-12), Mjc
03 avril - Nimes (FR-30), Paloma
04 avril - Toulouse (FR-31), La Dynamo
05 avril - Marmande (FR-47), Le Buffet de la Gare
06 avril - Pau (FR-64), La Centrifugeuse
09 avril - Bordeaux (FR-33), Le Bootleg
10 avril - Nantes (FR-44), Le Stakhanov
11 avril - Rouen (FR-76), Le 106
12 avril - Lorient (FR-29), Le Manège
13 avril - Brest (FR-29), La Carène
18 avril - Paris (FR), Le Café de la Danse
19 avril - Lyon (FR-69), Grnd Zero
20 avril - Hyères (FR-83), Festival Faveurs de Printemps
30 avril - Arlon (BE), Festival Les Aralunaires
22 mai - Tours (FR-37), Le Temps Machine
25 mai - Lille (FR-59), Fivestival
06 juillet - Herouville Saint Clair (FR-14), Festival Beauregard
11 juillet - Bourg En Bresse, Square des Quinconces
19 juillet - Daumazan, Festival Terre de Couleurs
1er aout - Bordeaux, Festival Relache
02 aout - Ax Les Thermes, Festival Spectacles de Grands Chemins
31 aout - Le Mans, Teriaki Festival
21 septembre - Le Havre, Tétris
05 octobre - Bruxelles (BE), Festival Comme à la Maison
25 octobre - Marseille, Le Moulin
02 novembre - Vendôme, Festival Rockomotives
07 novembre - Saint Nazaire, Le VIP
09 novembre - Saint Lo, Festival Les Rendez-Vous Soniques
14 novembre - Enshede (NL), Crossing Border Festival
16 novembre - Beauvais, L'Ouvre Boite
17 novembre - Roubaix, La Cave aux Poètes
22 novembre - Montpellier, Rockstore
23 novembre - Bayonne
December 20th 2013  - Saint- Etienne (FR), Le Fil

2014 :

February 14th 2014 - Paris (FR), Petit Bain
February 15th 2014 - Dunkerque (FR), 4 Ecluses
February 19th 2014 - Rees-Haldern (DE), Haldern Pop Bar
February 20th 2014 - Hannover (DE), Feinkost Lampe
February 21st 2014 - Namur (BE), Le Belvédère
February 22th 2014 - Gerardmer (FR), Festival Gerardm'Electric
March 14th 2014 - Paris (FR), Le Louvre "Duos Éphémères"
June 6th 2014 - Saint Laurent de Cuves (FR), Festival Papillons de Nuit
June 14th 2014 - Thore la Rochette (FR), Festival Gare à la Rochette
June 15th 2014 - Orleans (FR), Festival Hey Gamins
June 21th 2014 - Arlon (BE), Le Palais
June 28th 2014 - Lärz (DE), Fusion Festival
July 11th 2014 - Causse de la Selle (FR), La Grange
July 12th 2014 - Concots (FR), Festival Retiens la Nuit



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