Michel Cloup Duo

Michel Cloup Duo


After a debut album released in 2011 (“Notre Silence”), two intense years on the road, two 7-inch singles released one after the other in June 2013 (“J’ai peur de nous”) and in October 2013 (“Nous vieillirons ensemble”) Michel Cloup (ex-Diabologum & Expérience) and Patrice Cartier (ex-Expérience) are finally back with a second album.

Notre Silence” (Our Silence) was an introspective album about loss and absence. “Minuit dans tes bras” (Midnight in your arms) is an atypical and blistering rock album, more focused on life and the living, using the winding path of love as its main theme. People leave, people reappear, full of doubts, certainties, while experiencing loss, and fleeing towards the future, aware of their wounds. Between softness and fury, noise and melody, an obvious search for serenity is behind this journey. The “I” often appears alongside the “You” and “Us”, and as with “Notre Silence”, it’s once again about people and their path to somebody else, the listener, from the personal to the universal, in a simple and stripped down style.

Musically, the duo (a baritone guitar and drums) has grown in stature and is more self-confident since the first album, confirming once again that “less is more”. If the album is predominantly rock-orientated, it does however go off on several tangents; the foundations set by “Notre Silence” are pushed to their confines : Martial rock with “J’ai Peur de Nous” or “Minuit dans tes bras”; a hypnotic and razor sharp groove on “Sortir Boire et Tomber”,; a rock song with “Nous vieillirons ensemble” or unleashed free-rock with “Minuit dans tes Bras #2” and its 12 epic minutes. The whole is reminiscent of Codeine, Slint, Sonic Youth, Neil Young but also Black Sabbath, Suicide, Bill Callahan or Six Organs of Admittance. Another important detail: Michel, known for his “spoken-singing” is more inclined towards actual singing this time around.

Towards the end of the album, on the track “Minuit dans tes bras #2”, a soft, kind voice appears, belonging to the actress Françoise Lebrun, seventeen years after the soundtracking of the monologue from “La Maman et la Putain” by Diabologum, and two years after meeting up for the only reformation concert Diabologum has done where she got up on stage with the band. Françoise Lebrun will also be the duo’s guest for four exceptional evenings in February in Brest, Paris, Nantes and Toulouse, “Nous vieillirons Ensemble”, alongside Pascal Bouaziz (Mendelson) and a video installation by the artiste Béatrice Utrilla, both long-time friends and collaborators.

The duo will also be on tour throughout France for some fiery and spellbinding gigs.





On tour...
On tour... On tour...

- Théâtre Garonne - Toulouse (31)*
- Emmetrop - Bourges (18)
- Le Temps Machine - Tours (37)
14/03/2014 - Le Sonic - Lyon (69)
- Les Trinitaires - Metz (57)
12/04/2014 - L'Escalier - Liège (BE)
13/04/2014 - Stimultania - Strasbourg (67), w/ Les Marquises
19/04/2014 - La Condition Publique - Roubaix (59)
- La Vapeur - Dijon (21)
16/05/2014 - MJC - Onet Le Chateau (12)
22/05/2014 - La Sirène - La Rochelle (17)
23/05/2014 - Les Nuits Botaniques - Bruxelles (BE)
24/05/2014 - MJC Desforges - Nancy (54)
27/05/2014 - La Dynamo - Toulouse (31)
12/06/2014 - 104 CENTQUATRE - Paris (75)
21/06/2014 - Médiathèque - Namur (BE)
22/06/2014 -
Centre Culturel - Izel (BE)
06/07/2014 - Festival La Pamparina - Thiers (63)

* : "Nous Vieillirons Ensemble" special show



21/11/2013 - Festival BB Mix - Boulogne Billancourt (92)
07/12/2013 - Pop sur la ville - Limoges (87)
12/12/2013 -
Le Tremplin - Beaumont (63)
Le Bourg - Lausanne (CH)
L'Entrepôt - Arlon (BE)


- Le Paloma - Nîmes (30)
- Le Confort Moderne - Poitiers (86)
- La Carène - Brest (29)*
- La Gaité Lyrique - Paris (75)*
- La Route Du Rock collection hiver, L'Antipode - Rennes (35)
- Théâtre - Mayenne (53)
21/02/2014 -
L'astrolabe - Orleans (45)



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