Peter von Poehl

Peter von Poehl


Peter von Poehl - Original Sound Track from the motion picture Vanishing Waves

"Vanishing Waves sounds great. A near-constant sonci backdrop of ambient rock, dissonant drones and avant-jazz noises heightens the sense of of creeping dread and mental disorientation. For the film's high-art production design, Buozyte and Samper cherry-pick from the pantheon of classic sci-fi cinema. The soundproofed flotation room where Lukas begins his experiments has some of the chilly futurism of Kubrick circa "2001", all pristine white and sinister humming machinery. Meanwhile his altered-state affair with Aurora echoes Tarkovksy's original mind-bending adaptation of "Solaris", in which a grieving cosmonaut conducted a bizarre romance with a psychically generated clone of his late wife. [...] In "Vanishing Waves", Peter von Poehl's sweeping original score rests on a continuous humming that echoes the electronic frone of the medical equipement as well as the imagined workings of the humain brain. Von Poehl illustrates the fleeting realities and relationships explored in the film's aesthetics which are magnificently integrated into the narrative" -Artsploitations Films (North American Distributor)

Through their ethereal and yet deep voices, French interprets Marie Modiano and Maya Villanueva turn von Poehl's score into a unique indie classical blend. Martin Hederos' outstanding strings arrangement and conducting further render the whole performence an enven expressive and enthralling soundscape.

In addition to bon Poehl's compositions, Vanishing Waves OST release benefits from remixes by five accomplished European indie musicians, namely Michael Fakesch, Teho Teardo, Pánico, Christophe Calpini, and Ivan Iusco as well as one track by the French sound designer Cyrille Brissot and another one by the French indi band Limousine.

About Peter von Poehl

Peter von Poehl is a Paris-based Swedish song-writer, record producer and film music composer. Von Poehl has collaborated with well-known artists, namely AIR, Phoenix, Chris Isaak, Ben Harper and Brian Wilson and participated in prestigious festivals, such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and The Eurockéennes of Belfort. Von Poehl has recently released his third album "Big Issues Printed Small" (March 9th, 2013) and be on promotional tour throughout the next months.

The film at a glance

"Vanishing Waves" is a sci-fi romance thriller that reveals a powerful and unconventional love story. A young man enters the mind of a comatose women during a scientific experiment. The two explore each other's feeling both in the real life and in another dimension, thus revealing parallels and contradictions between the body and mind. Structured as a European co-production between Lithuania, France and Belgium, "Vanishing Waves" is an art-house movie, which creates a strange and poetic universe haunted by gripping performances closely exploring the human psyche and the nature of desire. As of today, the film has collected more than 20 awards, amongst which the Golden Mélies for Best European Frantastic Film at the 2012 Sitgest Fantastic Film Festival and four awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress) at the 2012 Fantastic Fest.



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