Thomas Malesieux & David Lavaysse

Thomas Malesieux & David Lavaysse


"Histoire d'un document retrouvé" is a musical composition divided into a prologue and 10 parts. Three characters (the narrator, Robertson, and Vittoria) come together in their search for the meaning behind a set of documents that come into the possession of the narrator.

The text was written by Thomas Malesieux. Musical score by David Lavaysse.

Origins of the album

This album is 14 years in the making. Indeed, it took almost a decade and a half for its two creators to complete their project. Perhaps that is because everything started amidst the thick London fog when Thomas, a librarian from Montbéliard, met David, a musician from Montpellier in a queue in the English capital. One missed Aphex Twin concert later, the two new friends started planning an album together. Thomas, a cinema-lover, wanted to write the text to give life to the ambiances imprinted within him from watching movies. David liked his phrasing and decided to be in charge of the score. Throughout their many meetings they fleshed out their story and characters, who are themselves on a journey to find answers. A plethora of actors complete the team and help embody the story's many voices. A tad perfectionist, both creators put years of work into polishing the final version of the album.

The label

Quadrilab is a label based in Montreal and Marseille. It spans 6,000 kilometers of Francophonie and musical experience. Their first album was released in 2013 and grouped artists of their entourage. The label offers folk, drone, and ambient centred on a dark asserted mood. "Histoire d'un document retrouvé" is their second album. The next planned for release is "Baron Oufou"

Histoire d'un document retrouvé :

With the voices of Roxane Borgna, Louis Chrétiennot, Julien Guill, Thomas Malésieux

Production : 1fusé
Mixing : Guilhem Granier
Mastering : Studio Lakanal
Graphic design : Olivier Burgarella
Photos : Jackie Hoiki
Publisher : Ici, d'ailleurs...