Deity Guns

Deity Guns


My memories of Deity Guns in New York, 1992, making Trans Lines Appointment.

I had been impressed by what was going on in France at that time, some new rock influences were getting into the country that we'd not seen before. Things were starting to open up for we bands from New York too who were in love with France and desirous of being wanted there! So there were young interesting French bands back then befriending us -including Deity Guns and also Sister Iodine- both of whom supported us at great show in Paris, Le Zenith in the autumn of '92, but also Diabologum, Peter Parker Experience and many others too.

Deity Guns came to NYC to record, in the basement studio of our good
friend and long-time collaborator Wharton Tiers, where Sonic Youth had by then done many things. I remember a young band, with a great enthusiasm and excitement at being in New York. I was a bit of a young producer then, just starting to help others make their records, so it was very exciting for me too. We made Trans Lines in the height of summer, very hot in that little basement studio kicking out the jams. Barbecues in Wharton's backyard, exchanging ideas and interests, collaborating.

Erik from Sister Iodine came in to sing one song, and even I got to do some vocals and play some guitar on the last one we recorded - "Vacuum Tubes". Most of all I remember that the music was great! I was actually quite surprised with what we came up with, it still sounds most excellent today, sixteen years later.

Start with "The Map" and follow it into a great world of sound. A moment in time, to be heard again... RIGHT NOW!

Lee Ranaldo
NYC, May 2008


Press quotes


''A cult band'' (Magic)

''An UFO above the French musical scene'' (Les Inrockuptibles)

''A completely new universe that announced the post-rock'' (Libération)

''(…) This album is outstanding! By listening to it for the first time, the word that comes to mind is incredible'' (Xsilence)

''This disc is the first recognized disc of the genre to be released in France by a French band'' (666rpm)