Dominique Petitgand

Dominique Petitgand


The work of Dominique Petitgand has taken different forms according to its diffusion process: CD editions, sound installations and concerts in the dark.

Dominique Petitgand defines his work as mental landscapes and stories. He develops his work from recordings of words, rests, breathings, sounds and musics that he composes, uses, breaks up and cuts. He makes an inventory of voices, gestures, humors in an obessional way printed by musicality in order to consider a speech, a sate or a lack. He plays on the articulation of components making mental images appear.

Through his spoken and melodic sound plays, Dominique Petitgand offers an original story who belongs to the auditors.

"Each sound play I have done tells something specific and the shape of each one leads to a specific issue too.
As my work is a mix of art, music, writing, montage and narrative, it is important not to close our multiplicity of receptions.

I do not want to stimulate certain feelings or make the auditors travel.

Travel is a little too joly. What I offer can sometimes be quite brutal or demanding, it is certainely not a calm walk. Talking of a calm walk, I was rather looking for the contrary and the auditors' reflection. I wanted them to be disturbed and affected.
But each of them differently must find the words to match their feelings and their reflections and to find their own context. I explain myself: I want to offer the most bare, neutral, out of any context and time thing (out of any individual, social, geographical, historical or curent events references) so the auditor can fill with his own means (spirit, memory and own life experience) the blanks, the rests, the holes in my stories.
Sometimes rests are usefull, they allow the auditor to think about what he has just heard, they often have an amiguous status (is it the person who has shut up or is the play finished?), they give a context to the diffusion (you can hear the place in these blanks), they can at last draw the face of fear (the voice stops, it is cut off).
I want the auditor to think every second about what he is listening to.
A neverending tention.
Sometimes melodies (that I call mucical atmospheres more than melodies because they often are flat and straight forward) play a dramatic role, they can be rests, tensions, counterpoints, impulses or guides for voices, and play on the auditors' sensibility.
The diffusions that I offer is a mix of old and recent plays, in a thematic order, there is a line which goes from one play to the next one, but this line is suggested and hidden."

Dominique Petitgand


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23 march-18 may 2013

L’oreille interne - Solo show

gb agency
18 rue des 4 Fils
75003 PARIS
Tel : +33 1 44 78 00 60


dans le cadre de "Récits & Paysages" à Pantin Dominique Petitgand du 17 novembre au 8 décembre exposition "Domicile", installation sonore de 3 étages pour 6 haut-parleurs centre d'art Le Pavillon 18, rue du Congo (métro Hoche) - 01 49 15 39 08 vernissage le 17 novembre à partir de 18h ouverture 14h/19h, les mardi, jeudi, vendredi et dimanche Dominique Petitgand le 27 novembre, à 18h diffusion sonore Théâtre Du fil de l'eau 20, rue Delizy (métro Eglise de Pantin) Dominique Petitgand et Marcel Dinahet le 30 novembre, à 18h30 rencontre animée par Frédéric Dumond et Hervé Rabot Ciné 104 104, avenue Jean Lolive (métro Eglise de Pantin) - 01 49 15 40 25 Dominique Petitgand le 1er décembre, à 19h30 (accueil du public à 18h30) diffusion sonore presqu'intégrale de longue durée Ciné 104 Marcel Dinahet le 2 décembre à 18h30 projections vidéos Ciné 104

New Publication

DOMINIQUE PETITGAND – Installations (documents)
Monograph: 240 pages, french/english 
Co-edition: Abbaye de Maubuisson/ FRAC Lorraine/ FRAC Haute Normandie/
Confort Moderne/ GB agency, Editions Mf, Paris
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