Arnaud Michniak

Arnaud Michniak


Singer of the mythical band Diabologum in the Nineties – 3 records released: C'était un lundi après-midi semblable aux autres (1993), Le goût du jour (1994), and 3 others on Lithium (1996) –he is also the singer of Programme - 3 records released: Mon cerveau dans ma bouche (2000), L’enfer Tiède (2002) on Lithium/Labels, et Bogue (2004) on Ici d'ailleurs, Arnaud Michniak tries his skills at a new solo project "Poing perdu", which drives rock hip hop and electro to the wall.
From this project, many gigs/live musical performances of 35minutes will take place. These mixes videos, music and poetry. Named “films/slams/sons”, the live is composed of excerpts of his movies, of slams and of his new songs from "Poing perdu". On stage, Arnaud Michniak is accompanied with the guitarist R (Nonstop, Dj R).

"After I had released Bogue and momentary stopped with Programme, I felt like writing by myself and creating a collective project. Firstly, I thought about a collective audio journal called Le brouillon. At the same time, I had the opportunity to enter the ESAV (Ecole Supérieure d’Audiovisuel- audiovisual school in Toulouse, France),and my project concerning a collective journal became a collective audiovisual project: "Appelle ça comme tu veux". From a quite simple screenplay (four teenagers steel a camera from a family of Japanese tourists; then they film their life and the society that surrounds themselves), I created a shooting based on the real life that took months and which mixed planned and improvised moments. Then, the rest came from another quite simple screenplay (these four teenagers fasten a megaphone on the roof of a car and cross the country slamming anything that comes into their heads).
Both movies "Appelle ça comme tu veux 1 and 2" (60 min), and a bonus that recounts this experience and shows extracts of other little movies realized during this period (2005/2006) will be released in a new Dvd limited edition in May 2007 thanks to Mathieu Copeland, an English young contemporary art trustee.

Mathieu Copeland himself had reached me at the beginning of 2006 concerning an exhibition in Hong Kong with the artist Loris Gréaud. For this project, I composed a soundtrack, then I wrote a text, and from this, I shot this film in Hong Kong in September 2006. This is a very different attempt in comparison with "Appelle ça comme tu veux". This film is going to be edited in Dvd in April 2007 and an exhibition will take place in Hong Kong in May.

From this soundtrack and this text (Poing perdu 1, 2 and 3) that does not appear in the final movie shot in Hong Kong, I wrote and composed new songs. These constitute a mini album, my first solo album, "Poing perdu". It is going to be released on Ici d’ailleurs in May. At the same time, I intend to propose some live music performances/gigs where I merge my audiovisual experiences with these new songs."

Arnaud Michniak.


Press quotes


''An unsparing disc, without label but with style, lot of style'' (Rock & Folk)

''Poing perdu is the only refuge face to the mediocrity and the intellectual laxity of the french rock which knows the rebellion only through demagogy'' (Noise)

''Not to be missed it'' (Magic)

'' The 23 minutes of the album “Poing Perdu” offer more useful violence and poetic license than the 50 years of rebel rock, the 30 years of the radical hip hop and the 50 years of the free slam (Les Inrockuptibles)

''(…) a new kind of hard line and melancholic rock'' (Le nouvel Observateur)

''I am going to tell it once for all: Arnaud Michniak is the leading french contemporary poet: Not to be missed'' (Bertrand Betsch)

''A work, that onec mastered, reveals so many beauty, cleverness and questions that we just wonder how people could miss it'' (Station service)

''These guys have things to say: listen to them'' (Ventilo)

''It is said that French rock is dead, but Experience and Arnaud Michniak proves that interesting things still happen in France. The group Noir Désir was right to invite them in the forefront from 1997'' (Mygmusique)