The Shoppings

The Shoppings


One can listen to The Shoppings' music like one reads a short-story collection that relates the adventures of a "too" trendy youth. As meetings go by, the semi-fictive, semi-real, half angel, half beast characters get and come together, seduce each other, love or hate each other. They spend a lot of money dressing them up, going out every days, frequenting only the trendy places, fantasizing about fashion stars’ life, living through the clubbing pages of glossy magazines.

The Shoppings is not only punk, not only rap, not really rock, not completely electro. The band is like an I-pod full of music that constitutes a sonorous backdrop of its time. So, to sum up: humour, abuses, name dropping, luxury brands and beautiful girls.

The Shoppings is composed of David Lavaysse (alias I&Fused) and Pascal Monfort. Pascal writes and sings on soundtracks that David composes and produces. As a multi-instrumentalist musician, David already released 4 albums under the pseudonyms Dave’s Infusion, I N Fused and more recently I&Fused. Pascal, as for him, is a fashion-history teacher, fashion-trends finder for a famous international brand and the editor of the magazine Yummy.
The Shoppings is the meeting of two worlds described with humour.

On stage, Mattias Mimoun (Scénario Rock, Contrast) on the keyboard joins the band. He accompanies Pascal who sings on David’s faultless riffs. The result is rock, raw, funny and incisive.


Press quotes


''For many months an unidentified flying object shakes the high society, its name: The Shopping'' (Modzik)

''they are certainly the foremost musical group of the moment. With their album in which they humorously dissect the hippest place in Paris'' (Benzine), the group ''the Shoppings'' leads us into the fashion universe and the most extreme parisian trendyness

''The music of The Shoppings need to be listened like an anthology relating the adventures of a too trendy youth'' (Nightlife)

''No matter they annoy or amuse, what seems to be certain is their album will remain as a funny telling of a strange period'' (Jalouse)