Arca is a french project initiated by Joan Cambon and Sylvain Chauveau at the beginning of the year 2000.
Arca is a reference to the portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa : the word "arca" means "chest" in Portuguese (Pessoa left most of his writings inside a chest that was discovered after he died).

Arca is inspired by music, cinema, literature, photographs, every day life sounds.
Arca uses "warm" electronic sounds, mixed with organic instruments, rainy guitars and Sylvain’s voice (since the third album) to draw melancholic landscapes.

Most of the songs are recorded and mixed at home by Joan Cambon.
Sylvain Chauveau made five solo albums : instrumental music based on sweet harmonies of piano and strings. The latest one is "Down to the bone", a record of Depeche Mode covers. He was also part of the former projects Micro:mega and Watermelon Club.


Press Review

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