In boxing there are punchers and technicians; ditto for poetry. Nonstop seeks the knockout in each sentence. Road Movie en béquilles (Road-movie on crutches) is a record that leaves you literally groggy.

Oscillating between dark and delusional urban poetry, taking rhythms from hip-hop and techno, Nonstop is an open mike to madness. But let’s be clear, we’re not just dealing with the umpteenth singer stuttering his profound discontentment. With his fully assumed southern sharp accent from Toulouse, Frédo Roman talks, chants, spits his words and sings at the top of his lungs over intermixed samples, loops and beats that are more or less heavy or groovy.
Though dark, the lyrics however do not fall into a deep, off-putting defeatism because their author makes light use of language, juggles with his own words, and thus avoids taking himself too seriously. Admittedly very tense, he has had the good idea not to lose his sense of humor. To be brief, it sounds like an explosive combination of Michaux and Coluche. And if his liveliness is incisive, sharp and abrupt, Frédo Roman’s trashy and cynical humour allows him to distance himself from the darkness he depicts, to take a blow on the head without feeling any pain…

Produced by Arnaud Michniak, Road-movie en béquilles falls within the scope of Programme while moving away from it… Musically one can identify the reference to old school rap or indie rock, energetically under the influence of the beat. Melodies for the damned on survival rhythms; all in all crystal clear hit-songs.

On stage, Nonstop is backed by Richard Roman - Frédo’s brother – on bass guitar and Den’s Degiovanni on drums, both of them former members of Diabologum, Renan Guilcher on guitar as well as Dj Vener, virtuoso of the epileptic scratch.

All of which promises a fire flood, a frogs downpour, a sonic apocalypse!

Speaking of the end of the world, predicting it, one ends up with the impression that it has already occured. One can easily picture Nonstop running and yelling its lyrics with the apocalypse on its tail.

A hole into space-time filled with terrified laughter.


Press quotes



''Fredo Roman will not leave you keeping your head out of the''(Dmute)

''We have the disc of the year'' (Gutsofdarkness)

''The sleeve, the well successful titles as well as texts are worth the trip'' (Xsilence)

''Road movie in béquilles is one of the most percussive and superb discs we have listened to this year''(Groundzero)

''Nonstop bears well his name: he is going to take us far away'' (Contenus)

''An artist who restores the image of the French hip hop (…) because his music goes beyond hip hop's borders and can also touch rap, rock or electro music lovers'' (fenec)

''A slap to violent music, grim texts and hopeless atmosphere'' (Yawam)

''Uncompromising disc, you should listen to it with jaws and fists clenched'' (Autresdirections)

''You should urgently discover it'' (Concertrandco)

''Road movie en béquilles is a disc that literally knocks us out'' (Divergences-fm)

''Nonstop succeeds a nonstandard album, special and subversive'' (Wallabirzine)





''Every listening makes this album better'' (Gutsofdarkness)

''Nonstop is a brilliant poet'' (Thefrenchtouch)

''Nonstop will leave nobody cold, the narrow-minded will continue to miss his album, the others will do their best to have it'' (Autresdirections)

'''Nonstop is neither a metal group nor even rock. We could say it is a rap group as it does not exist elsewhere'' (Guernaouelle)