Project originated by Charles H. Garabed and Jean-Michel Pires (Bed, the Married Monk, Bosco), Headphone should be considered and apprehended just like a movie soundrack. The wide and flowing musical tracks each represent a voyage and constitute an endless invitation to introspection; the real background scenery being a false stillness and true class.

Initiated more than two years ago, “Two stories high”, the Headphone’s second album after “Work in Progress 1998-2000” released in 2003, conquers new grounds thanks to synthesizers and drum boxes the band had seldom used before. The mixing of electronic textures with vibrations produced by acoustic instruments has helped the group take their improvisation and sound work a step further.

It all results in 8 tracks that offer imaginary encounters between P.I.L and John Carpenter, Alice Coltrane and Diabologum, John Barry and Boymerang. 8 tracks on the verge of pungency, peacefulness, disorder and turmoil.

Musicians from various backgrounds have collaborated with the usual core of the band represented by Nicolas Courret (Eiffel, EC) – Charles H. Garabed – Jean-Michel Pires – Marc Sens (Yann Tiersen, Serge Tessot Gay, Kaspar Brötzman).

The sound mixing was carried out by the electro-duo Bosco (Parachutes, Ordem & Progresso, Riot Ending), Benoît Rault, sound wizard at Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra and Morning Star (Radioshack, EK Copy), James Delleck, who officiates in various Hip Hop associations such as L’Atelier or Gravité Zéro and revisited one track of the previous album “Work in Progress 1998-2000” (Sublime Parade Reworked) and Arnaud Rivière, underground activist at Bobby Moo’s (Spin Boldak). On the musicians’ side can be found artist with various inspirations such as Manuel Bienvenu, Loriseanberg (Berg Sans Nipple), Etienne Jaumet (Married Monk, Zombie) and Vincent Ferrand (Bed, Glass Onion).


Press quotes




''A disc carried out with love and rigor by a french band'' (Les Inrock)

''The improvisation present throughout this album makes it so personal and engaging'' (D-side)

''Headphone or when the sound goes up to the head'' (Octopus mouvement)

''A promising start, we are waiting for the next album'' (Presto)

''Difficult to resist such a disc'' (A découvrir absolument)

''The fact that there is no voice and a little instrumental use has participated in the purity of the disc'' (Argus)





''Album of the year in its category'' (Magic)

''This album succeeds the bet not to go in the direction of the evidences'' (Rock you)

''Their music is everything but predefined, marked and guiding'' (Benzine)

''Is to listen with headphones'' (M-la-musique)

''An elegant disc (…) let yourselves be ludded by the smoothness'' (Blog up)

''Sound UFO'' (fluctuat.net)

''Two stories high is purely a bright and audacious disc'' (leschoses.com)