Y.Tiersen & S.Wright

Y.Tiersen & S.Wright


No need to introduce Yann Tiersen well known for his Amélie Poulain and Good bye Lenin Soundracks.
Shannon Wright, on the other hand, is just being discovered but is already known for her highly emotional records (4 albums released by Touch & Go, produced by Steve Albini), as well as for hard-nosed performances.
Entirely written, composed and recorded within 20 days, this record is a pure marvel and is produced by Fabrice Laureau (already sound technician for "L'absente" and producer of Françoiz Breut, Dirty 3, nif Trio, among others).
Pure wonder of sensibility, simply moving. Shannon Wright and Yann Tiersen share the same sensibility and sense of propriety, giving birth to these 10 luminous and fragile tracks.

At the beginning, it was nothing more than an ordinary I like your stuff kind of relationship, slowly involving friendship and exchange of records, until ...

On one side, Yann Tiersen, whose tracks are so easily recognizable with their cinema evocative power, coupled with a timeless black romanticism that requires no translation to reach down to the heart and soul.
On the other side, Shannon wright, who has conquered the heart of rock lovers in search of genuineness, in a few concerts full of a raw emotion. Her way of clawing the air with her electric guitar, simply accompanied by drums at her beck and call, marks the memory, the skin even.

Shannon and Yann ran into each other for the first time in September 2003, only exchanging a few words, escaped from their natural shyness. But the true encounter took place in the Spring 2004, in Paris, as Yann was already working on his next album (to be released by EMI/Labels in April 2005).
Then both artists met again in Paris to carry out the recording sessions, in July 2004. Only a few witnesses for this Odyssey, which saw both our musicians throw back in the balance fragments of their own world, putting their odd habits at the service of each other¹s ideas, in order to create a piece of work truly in common.
They exchanged and shared their instruments (guitar and piano for Shannon Wright, piano, accordion and violin for Yann Tiersen) accompanied with marimba, cello, metallophone and accordion.
Shannon opens her heart in sparkly colored lyrics like "Ode to a friend" or "Sound the bells". She goes further up with "While you sleep" as Yann scrapes his violin in a violent frenzy. But then, "No mercy for She" reveals Shannon's fragility, expressed smoothly for the first time. From the romantic "Something to live for" to the more rock "Dried sea", this album is without contest the surprise of this year's autumn.

Co-productikn with Vicious Circle


Press quotes


''The confrontation between Yann Tiersen and Shanon Wright becomes obvious from the beginning'' (Arte.com)

''The sensibility and the reserve they share, could not give anything else than one of the miracles, you have to witness to believe it'' (viciouscircle.fr)

'In fact this album is uncluttered, genuine, moving, it gives us shivers but also makes us want to dance (…) it is in addition a door between two universes I suggest to everyone to cross it'' (albumrock.com)

''A huge success (…) big spirits meet for this unique recording'' (nebalestuncon.over-blog.com)

''This album is wonderful'' (sublimeacide.com)

''This improbable duo achieved a very beautiful album'' (voir.ca)

''Listen to this album is strongly recommended, it does not harm neither your circle nor pregnant women. Every one should own it urgently'' (liabilitywebzine.com)

''In no way, you can not miss this disc (…) a very well done work'' (musiczine.net)

''YT & SW is more a meeting of minds than a cross over of attempt, so the record plays well for any fan of creative exploration'' (popmatters.com)