Madrid has never deserved its name more than it does today. Not that their music became Spanish overnight, but this eponymous album manages to absorb the listener in a languor which could be described as Mediterranean. it generates an atmosphere of "dolce vita" using light compositions in its instrumental parts (except for Magree, lit by the Italian chant of Anne Poirier) and the smooth arrangements which leaves the upper hand to acoustics instruments. 

Dominique Deyremez, Joel Galinski and Guilhem Granier know what they want. The release two years ago of the superb "Night Clubber" in 1998 has put Madrid under the projectors of an unexpected media recognition. This first album recorded on a 4 tracks, first output of the small label "les disques Serpentine" (partly founded buy Guilhem) was handicapped by a limited distribution but still, was acclaimed by all of the press.

In their interviews, Madrid's member evoked already the desire to come back to more acoustics sounds, they do not want to be stuck in a systematic use of the sampler. And this second and last album shows that they didn't change their mind even though they have since multiplied the projects and collaborations.


Press quotes


''Madrid offers a warm and sought after music, which reaches high ground'' (Blah blah news)

''Madrid is back'' (Abus dangereux)

''With a careful arranging, their music is very complete'' (Abus dangereux)

''An unlimited pleasure'' (Longueur d'ondes)

''By listening to their music, we are overwhelmed by the emotion'' (Standards)

''A high quality production(…), with admirable arranging'' (Hang up)

''So much instrumental emotions'' (Rifraf)

''A beautiful album'' (Kerosene)

''Magical and lightly trio from Grenoble'' (Intramuros hebdo)

''A very rare beauty'' (Intramuros hebdo)

''Madrid stole the show from Chicago'' (MCM)

''Madrid catches the attention'' (Chronic'art)

''One of the masterwork of the year'' (Pop news)