Eric Aldéa

Eric Aldéa


"Wreaths of flavoured tobacco, spice scents in a smooth summer evening. From the very first notes, "Saturno O Cipolla ?" sets down the listener into the heart of a mystic orient where fragrances quell both body and mind. Freed from its heaviness, you only need to let yourself go to perceive the marine vibrations of the haunting strings, barely troubled by the flow of electronic signals. Drones and vibrations, lost echoes, truncated messages, omnipresent though distant sounds of human commotion. Then, gaining altitude, taking off. Being carried along by the wind, eavesdropping pieces of foreign conversations, sometimes discovering the rhythm imposing its strength and fluidity. Signals multiply, meet, mingle one second and part the next to eventually join in the unlikely climax of this motionless journey. The strings, first troubled by the apparition of machines, can now cool down and resound in a slow though steady fade out. The only idea which comes to your mind then: press play and set out again."

"Saturno o Cipolla ?" is Eric Aldea's first solo album. This is nevertheless not his first discographic experience. His productions with the band Deity Guns and Bästard are still references for many musicians around the world and classics for even more people enjoying music. After Bästard's split-up and two sabbatic years, Eric meets the choreographer Abou LAGRAA and starts a close collaboration with his contemporary dance company called LA BARAKA. For the shows Les Deux, Violatus, Kraft and Nuit Blanche created between 1998 and 2000, he composed a music at the crossroads of electronic and contemporary music in his home studio with the collaboration of guests musicians (double bass, cello, violin...).

If "Saturno o Cipolla ?" which compiles 7 extracts of these creations strikes us by its cohesion, that is because Eric Aldéa developed a strong personal universe which goes far beyond the limits of a mere musical illustration. He craves an original music which both generates strong emotions and allows the listener's imagination to wander freely among images and odours through his sounscapes.

In addition of his solo projects, Eric created Narcophony and Zëro


Press quotes



''The intensity of this disc comes from its hypnotic side'' (Classica)
''With this disc he shows that he has much and diversified talent'' (D-side)
''A splendid album in all apects'' (Start' up)
''The ideal music for meditation (…) this trip costs the price of a disc but will last the whole year'' (Compact)
''An almost fearsome flight'' (soit dit en passant)