Gravité Zéro

Gravité Zéro


The Gravité Zéro album released in 2003 was the outcome of a two year collaboration between two aliens of French hip hop : James Delleck and Deufré Le Jouage. Having already numerous projects to their credit and coming from a hip hop new wave where creativity, experimentation, differentiation and open-mindedness are the rule, our two accomplices meet up on this different and somewhat peculiar album, far from rap clichés, exploring all the facets of Sci-Fi often by means of derision.

James Delleck took part in the albums of TTC, Abstrakt Keal Agram, Le Klub des Looser, L'Atelier... In other words, it was not difficult for him to invite some of the most interesting artists of the electronica and hip hop scene to remix this futurist concept. As a reminder, Fuzati (Klub des Looser), Hi Tekk (La Caution), and Buck 65 already participated in the original album.

One year and a half later, it is the turn of other friends :
Dust (young producer coming from the microcosm of Versailles, who was already involved in the album under the name Peter'Son ), Johan from the excellent Swedish combo Stacs of Stamina with the support of his mate's voice Marcus Graap, D'Incise the founder member of the collective audioactivity sound system from Genève, that is gathering together musicians, djs and graphic designers, dDamage, the the most atypical electro duo of the moment, the Cinelux collective, Abstrackt Keal Agram, obviously the best instrumental electro hip hop collective in France, Anonymouse (Anonymouse ?) and James' brother Larseine, who is also in charge of the graphic design.
The traklisting is completed by James Delleck and Le Jouage's remixes cause if you want something done … it 's better to do it yourself.

Manifestly brought up with same counterculture as the instigators of the project , they totally adopted Gravité Zéro's "concept" to enrich it with their own vision.
The result is a dense album, with asserted electronic sonorities and with a unity in the quality, which is rare to see in a collective project. The Sci-Fi definitely seems to be suited to sounds wavering between electronica and hip hop and the texts from James Delleck and Le Jouage have gained in a new setting, a second life ... in a parallel universe ?


Press quotes




''A musical UFO far from the banality of the french rap'' ((Nouvelle vague)

''This album is inspired by several cultural references'' (Longueur d'ondes)

''If you have any doubts about the links between rap and fantastic (…) this album will make you forget the clichés'' (Khimaira)

''You need to listen to this disc at the risk of never understanding the meaning of hip hop fantastic. It would be a great shame''(Armoria)

''A very successful, eclectic and audacious EP'' (Radikal)

''Gravité Zero is to follow closely'' (

''The innovation amateurs will certainty appreciate this new album'' (Bokson)

''A gamble paid off'' 'Infratunes)