If modernity is a way to build up electronic oscillations, not everyone is able to bring out his own personal and interesting vision. Delivering a meticulous and pernickety work, Linky brilliantly mixes various styles ( House, Trip Hop, Drum’ n’ Bass, Techno) expressing a deep lucidity. At a time when down tempo is used to fill in silence in mundane cocktails this jewel maker gets closer to the essential with a tasteful exoticism. Quietly but surely, Linky, a.k.a. Manuel Bleton, has composed tracks on famous compilations like Source Rocks under the name of Riff Hifi, Let's Skank, Nova Brasil and Future Folk for Radio Nova. Meanwhile, he composed a song for the exquisite China and poured out a suave elixir for the Love Project released by MK2/Warner under the title "Frog." His Abstract Hip-Hop touch is stimulated by his experiences with bands like TTC or La Caution with whom he worked on the Dream Mixtape. If some creators take their inspiration from current trends or samples libraries, this self-taught musician feeds himself on original film soundtracks by composers like Delerue (Le Mépris), Goraguer (La Planète Sauvage), Nino Rota (Roméo & Juliet), or even Ennio Morricone (Once Upon A Time In The West).

Thus the listener enters the inexplicable through an alchemy which turns a succession of chords into a haunting song that is part of a relevant temporality heading towards sheer melody. No need to know how to dance, here the heart beats to luxuriant and lunar shaking ambiences. Through a meticulous working of the sound the producer Paul Kendall (Coil, NIN, Parallel Series, Depeche Mode, LT NO, I N Fused) has managed to channel the creative energy of this novice lab assistant. Although he works in his own studio, Linky is everything but a misanthrope since he is willing to surround himself with capable musicians: Mathieu Minelli (composer for Rubin Steiner), Julien Chauveau (member of Williams Traffic, composer of a track on a Catalogue compilation, a reggae/electro-dub album for the English label Mantis), arranged some of the tracks.

Living in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris, just like the eminent I:Cube, this young virtuoso unveils a perfect synthesis of his universe in these twelve tracks. "Ce matin là" settles the scene. On a swaying rhythm, a hindi secret agent springs out of his bed and gets on his spacecraft, chasing after divine creatures. On Lass la rose, Maddly and his enchanting flute intertwine in front of a film from the fifties in which Delon meets again his Sicilian friends after years in the shade: nostalgia and tension exemplified. Powered by an acid and mineral energy an old galena radio exudes the elegies of a spectral prima donna on Baïa Ritm.
Then your brain cells catch a glimpse of the mysterious island of Los Frogos where the gurus Martin Denny and Esquivel beat the rhythm to the natives. This trance takes us to the feet of the divine and heavenly Noémie (member of the Zimpala collective from Bordeaux, who signed with Platinum and worked with Bang Bang). Her bewitching voice radiates on the recitative Les toits, a song already considered as a standard electronic ballad. Having reached a state of bliss In the Air carries us to the gates of paradise where Dylan's guitar grants us simple and salutary moments. DJ Seep, former collaborator of Jay Jay Johanson, skillfully places his classy scratches to prevent us from any relapse. With Tonight and You, Linky scoffs at the trend revamping the Deep Techno and confronting it with shrill retro and ambient sounds.
Luigi (Konnards Laquey) raps on a Jungle nostalgic jewel named Alcooliday. In the middle of the savannah, our imaginary safari is slowed down by a Dub Fiction convoy lead by Lee Perry and his staggering trumpets. In search of Shango is a journey through time observing the milky way, shrouded in climates evoking a fancy carnival in which House music graciously shakes its maracas in between Brasil and Africa, Frédéric Galliano and Master At Work. Don't worry, our humble reliever has reckoned everything since he provides us with an ethereal and apposite Good Night ... as a starter.

If the French Touch wishes to gain credibility and regenerate, it has to take in this new composer along with Kid Loco, Troublemakers and Roudoudou.


Press quotes


''The newcomer of the label Ici d'ailleurs is the evidence that French people can be as creative as Anglo Saxons'' (

''Linky is a fresh start through beautiful and narrative songs, it is a real open invitation to travel'' (