Le Professeur Inlassable

Le Professeur Inlassable


Strengthened by an experience already gained in the alternative group Cispéo of his youth, then by two productions in solo Real Fun and Expectations under the name Dave's Infusion, David Lavaysse creates the project I N Fused in 2002. With a first opus: “Kind of Clue” released the same year on 0101, the montpellieran guy shows an undeniable originality and maturity. His home studio practice and the fact that he is surrounded by talented artists like Paul Kendall (the ex sound engineer of “Depeche Mode” and Jimmy Tenor…) ensures him a sound enriches by multiple colors.

With this new album entitled “Slow Eater”, I N Fused becomes I&Fused, this sudden change allows not to be locked up under a name, an identity, but also the mark of a constant evolution... And if I&Fused doesn’t stop evolving it seems that with slow eater, he approaches a certain perfectionism. Effective melodies and a remarkable production make this album more mature and more complete than the others.
Autodidact, I&Fused is a genuine of sound machine. As a musician multi-instrumentalist, singer, author, compositor and producer, David Lavaysse seems not to want to stay or put himself on a particular classification but he keeps on touching all kind of styles with a sure ease.

Like in his preceding albums, we finds in slow eater a lot of instruments (clarinet, piano, machines, guitars, percussions...) and compositions alternating between pop and electro, passing by the folk music with some winks to the hip hop... Each title is definitely produced with a smoothness and a rare elegance.
I&Fused is a typical example of what the alternative music is still able to offer to us in France...

Although a minority in front of all the new productions of varieties, conforming to the styles already established, I&Fused reveals us a personal and talented vision of a universal sound, with his thousand and one
facets, subtle, light and fine.


Press quotes


''A dancing music, always captivating and most of the time full of romanticism''' (Haut parleur)

''A voice comparable to Ken Nordine's voice accompanied by an instrument which will please to all music lovers'' (Nova°

''An album to discover'' (Ramdan)

''An enlightening and spiffy mix'' (SLR)

''Samples come together but are not alike (…) '' (Pote à pote)

''His first class was given humorously and with fantasy. We hope to get his high school diploma to go to the next lesson'' (Presto)

''He succeeded in releasing an coherent album from the beginning to the end'' (Trax)