Hailing from the remote cliffs, panoramic views and “hidden” civilisation of the Faroe Islands Orka was always bound to be different but the fact that these boys build their own instruments is what makes them truly unique !

Orka’s debut album "Livandi oyða" (CD+DVD) was recorded at Niels L. Thomsen’s farm Innan Glyvur, Faroe Islands, by Orka founder Jens L.
Thomsen. All instruments heard on the record were built during Christmas 2005 by Jens, family and friends using scrap material and power tools found at the farm. After finishing building the instruments
Jens started composing and recording together with Jógvan Andreas á
Brúnni, Magni Højgaard, Bogi á Lakjuni, and Kári Sverisson. Five days later they ended the recordings with a concert in the farm’s machine hall on New Year’s Eve as well as an additional recording session in January 2006.

One may wonder why one of the principles of industrial music - that is to say being funded on the use of anti-conventional or recycled instruments - with very urban sounds (we immediately think of Einstüerzende Neubauten), may be reborn in a rural area. When translating the title 'Desert alive' (lively countryside or city without humanism?) one understands better the meaning, the freshness and the energy of this music.

As well as the original live material, the record features remixes by The
Third Eye Foundation, Bookworms, Oktopus/Deadverse, and Com-Data.

Included with the release is a DVD with two music videos, two live videos, from the concert on New Year’s Eve and a short documentary explaining how the instruments were made.

2008 has seen the beginning of a European hype surrounding the band. A hype that started on the basis of their first ever gig outside the Faroe Islands at the Atlantic Soundscapes showcase in Brussels. ORCA has since this gig landed booking deals in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, been booked for several central European festivals and will play 5 times with Yann Tiersen at this years prestigious 30th anniversary of the Transmusicales Festival in France.

This story truly remains to be continued…


On tour...
On tour... On tour...

Past shows :


28.04.2011 PARIS (FR) @ Le 104 (Festival Forest of Visions)

06.05.2011 DRESDEN (DE) @ Beatpol

07.05.2011 LEIPZIG (DE) @ UT Connewitz

11.05.2011 NÜRNBERG (Bayern) @ Muz Club

12.05.2011 MANNHEIM (DE) @ Alte Feuerwache

13.05.2011 BOCHUM (North Rhin) @ Christuskirche Bochum

14.05.2011 PRAGUE (CZ) @ Palac Akropolis

19.05.2011 COPENHAGEN (DK) @ Nordatlantens Brygge

20.05.2011 BIELEFELD (DE) @ Jz Kamp

21.05.2011 HAMBURG (DE)  @ Hafenklang

22.05.2011 CHEMNITZ (DE) @ Fuego a la Isla

28.05.2011 ODENSE (DK) @ Odense Havnekulturfestival



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Press quotes

''A solid gold jewel chased with a big delicacy'' (ELEGY)

''A beautiful sound universe'' (KEYBOARDS RECORDING)

''A delight'' (OBSKÜRE)

''A mystical, dark and enchanting universe, thrilling and heady at the same time'' (LA MAGIC BOX)

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