Programme started out at the beginning of the 00's, at the dawning of a new century. With two albums, Mon cerveau dans ma bouche and L’enfer tiède (Lithium records/Virgin, 2000 and 2002), two EPs, Génération finale (Lithium records/Virgin, 2001) and Bogue (Ici d’Ailleurs, 2004) and one tour in 2002, the duo have created a world and written the inverted chronicle of our time. The expression of what is felt and invented when facing our era, for better and for worse. With rage and uproar.

"Agent Réel" is the duo's third album. An incisive project in the most typical Programme style ; the lyrics are delivered in a spoken-word vein with rock arrangements joyfully flirting with improvised music. It is a concept-album seeking its musical influences in all kinds of divergent urban music. “Agent Réel” unleashes pure energy and protest throughout its 9 tracks. The lyrics find a new way of making subversive phrases co-exist with a testimony that will appeal to all. The language of our newborn century, both complex and direct, destined to keep us awake and standing when facing the multiple challenges ahead...

This record is the starting point of a genuine research on how to produce a live performance as, when most will reel off scales like a metronome, Programme will rip it apart and liberate their music in a way that cannot be done on record. And that is the very relevance of their performance ; creating silence, playing with sounds, seizing the moment, making their live act a unique piece and not a promotional object. On stage, the two-piece deliver the most stunning creation of light and sounds in a strange and original atmosphere, thus venturing further towards another kind of improvised music, an impulsive immersion into their multiple and paradoxical repertoire that may well leave your natural sensitive reflexes unbalanced. Consequently, their show has allowed them to perform in different contexts : breakthrough events, fine arts and experimental scenes.


Press quotes


''Programme appears indeed as one of the rare groups that belongs to their time'' (Magic)

''Agent Réel is like a punch with energy impulse: it has the blast of a bomb (…) a disc, we always want to take with us everywhere we go and we want to share with the others'' (Mouvement)

''With Agent Réel the duo has won his bet: to create an unique genre and mark by his texts'' (Musique culture)

'Immediately, Programme circles us without any possible way out'' (Postcards of the hanging)

''The Eight hours' wait was very long but it was worth it (Discordance)

''Agent Réel is a real whirl, a real flamethrower (Mille feuille)

''The third album of Programme Agent Réel is an unequalled darkness work (Pop news)